About Us

Boy Blue & Co. designs and builds unique, idiosyncratic brand identities and web presences for creative professionals, small businesses, and nonprofits.

We view our role broadly, collaborating with clients to showcase their talents and develop their madcap schemes into real-world enterprises. We provide logos and branding, whip up illustrations, spruce up photographs, and help you negotiate obstacles from print shops to social media. (We’ve even been known to contribute to blogs we’ve built.) We’ve been at this a while, and nothing makes us happier than deploying our expertise in the service of people’s dreams.


Boy Blue was founded by Kenan Rubenstein, an artist and designer in Brooklyn, back in the dark ages of web design (circa 2003). As a creative professional, small business owner, non-profit board member, and expatriate from the age of analogue, he has a whole bunch of first-hand experience with the thrills and challenges of committing to a project you believe in.

Give him a holler at kenan at boyblueandco dot com.

Contact Boy Blue & Co.

Give us a holler.

Looking for a quote, or just have the glimmer of a fledgeling project you’d like to discuss? Tell us about it. (If you’d prefer, you can also email kenan at boyblueandco dot com.)


Here’s some fun stuff we’ve been building on the side.

  • DecisionBot

    Boy Blue’s friendly decision generator and tool for considering all manner of considerations. Born of the realization that a lot of us spend a lot of time fretting over questions of very little consequence, DecisionBot generates random answers to trivial queries, and helps you weigh your options in more serious matters.

    Available as a web app for iOS devices, so you can take DecisionBot with you in your pocket and never again get caught in a burritos-or-felafel loop.

    Talk to DecisionBot

  • Festival Season

    Festival Season is an alt-comics journal and a growing hub for readers and creators of self-published and micropress comics. The site includes reviews, interviews, videos, a community calendar, contact and submission forms, and an ever-expanding database of comics and events. It’s an image-heavy site focused on readability and ease of use, with the ultimate aim of expanding the creative community it serves. It’s a community in which we’re active (keep scrolling for more on that), and this is our way of giving back.


    Check out Festival Season

  • Last Train to Old Town


    This is Kenan’s YA adventure comic about a group of high school kids discovering the unusual history of their deceptively sleepy suburban town.


    Because clunky webcomics sites are as ubiquitous as they are infuriating, this was an opportunity to experiment with solutions to a problem that hounds the comics community. We prioritized and intuitive and fun reader experience, like the medium of comics has boasted for a hundred years. At the same time, we took advantage of the digital format’s unique possibilities, allowing readers to call up maps, author annotations, reader comments and more at any time.

    Read Last Train to Old Town


Boy Blue is a full-service design house, crafting unique, idiosyncratic brand identities and beautiful, user-friendly custom web presences for a diverse set of clients.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, in need of a logo and a color scheme, or just looking to spruce up a trusty old site, we’ve got you covered. Here are some concerns that Boy Blue can take off your plate:

Logo Design

Starting from scratch? First things first, you’ll need a logo. Everything else flows from here.

Brand Identity

These are the rules that govern the look of everything with your name on it, from your web site to business cards to ads to invoices. Consistent branding makes your operation memorable and recognizable.

Web Design & Development

With your logo and brand identity established, it’s time to build a home for what you do that’s worthy of how well you do it. This is what we do best.

User flow & UX Consulting

How do your customers / donors / client population / users / community members get to your site, and once they’re there, how do they find their way to the desired sign-up form / donate button / product / resource? We’ll help you work through making that path as easy as possible, so as many visitors as possible complete it.


Even the best-designed site is only as good as its content, and strong visuals make for the most compelling user experience. With a network of affiliated artists and photographers, we can get you just the right image to announce your project, showcase your work, or illustrate your argument.

Print and Promotional materials

The revolution may be digital but the world remains analogue, and nothing commands attention quite like a physical object in someone’s hands. We’ll work with you to create eye-catching, memorable business cards, posters, mailers, and more, and take care of finding (and dealing with) the right print shop for the job.