Boy Blue & Co. Tabletop

Strategy & chaos, contest & collaboration, terror & wonder, fun.

  • Tribute is a varyingly cooperative and competitive tabletop game in which god-players construct a labyrinth from which their devotees must escape while evading a rampaging Minotaur.

    Players design the maze as they explore it, laying tiles to help or hinder themselves and one another, and to coax the die-controlled wandering monster(s) in one direction or another.

    There are mysteries to discover and dangers to unearth, and the landscape can shift at any time. Bridges may appear, cave-ins can block the way, rotating maze tiles will change your course. But the corridors are littered with strange objects that may help you overcome previously impassable obstacles.

    Players don’t know whether they’ll be working together, at cross-purposes, or in tenuous factions until one of them discovers their means of escape; it could, for example, be a single-passenger hang-glider, or a steam pigeon requiring 4 pilots. This re-introduces some of the ethical ambiguity game rules often render moot.

    Shoot kenan a message if you'd like to help us playtest or be notified when Tribute becomes available.